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So lose no heart, nor fall into despair, for you will be superior if you are true in faith [3:137]
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Posted on: Monday, May 12, 2014 @ 4:55 AM | 0 comment(s)
Happy Mother's Day, Momma :)


so yesterday was mother's day. (11 May 2014)
hey, ma.. I know my thousands of sorry will never repair the wound,
heartbreak, heartache or even every drop of your tears caused by me.
but I know, whatever I did or said, you've forgive me, because you're 
an angel Allah sent down on earth for me.

thanks for everything ma.
from the tiniest bit of thing you taught and done for me.
I'm proud I have the finest most beautiful amazing good cook and adorably cute
also the most awesome mother in the whole universe.

I'm sorry ma for everything I'd done or said that caused you pain and worry.
I know you know how sucks I am at things even I tried so hard
not to show it, I know you ended up proud of me for even trying,
cause you're my ma.

you're proud of me even the world aren't.
I know ma, I know.

and so you know old woman,
I love you to the sun and if I don't come back,
you know I love you beyond infinity.


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