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Posted on: Thursday, January 15, 2015 @ 2:56 AM | 0 comment(s)
2015 catching up?

fast 2015 catch up?
here we go bitches.

Done first sem of my degree, duit mara dah masuk. hands up bitchessss!
I got my homies back after 2 years not seeing each other.
real bad flood, I'm off to help out in Pahang this Saturday.
I swear I'm trying to get in shape and look nicer.
why so hard kan?
Idk, I wanna look real good, real badass good.
hard, Idk.
well at the very least, I'm trying.
I'm trying to be good jugak, like I always said.
got two new baby, said my last goodbye to Encik Joe (my acer laptop)
Encik Joe had been around for more than five years.
You served me love, baby. Its okay.
got a huge wide screen HP laptop, it doesn't have a name yet.
and i changed my handphone.
oh, you don't want me to start with my 
complicated-in-so-many-ways-love-what-so-ever-life story.

Be good, okay good-ass people?
oh, Happy 2015 New Year!

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