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Posted on: Tuesday, December 29, 2015 @ 6:16 AM | 0 comment(s)
Ranting gaya code-switch

Wei, it had been soo long guys since I stop writting.
rindu pulak tetibe.

Life's okay. I lost that guy-bestfriend, he is still alive and breathing.
I might lose my friend a guy who has a crush on me for almost three effin years,
this is not confirm yet, but I am about to end it. haih, bosan lah drama.
the so called love of my life yang stuck with me for almost 5 years, well that is long ended,
but he is around making everything seems confusing and out of place,
itu pun drama sangat. Benci betul, bila entah nak habis.
nak buat cara nak boleh kan gais?

lagi two days to new year, dah tua so tak excited sangat, wei kawan aku dah pregnant kot,
aku pakwe pun takde! okay that came out out of nowhere, tetibe gile.
it must be nice having everything sort out in such young age.
Sem 4 dah habis, sem ni sumpah penat, there's a lot of thing happened this sem,
a lot of things to handle, tak menang tangan, kaki pun tak cukup, extra stress lah this sem,
also effin dramaaaaaa! banyak gila drama sem ni, extra tired, result is not out yet.
but, InsyaAllah, semua okay, Tuhan tu Maha Mengasihi kan, InsyaAllah Dia bantu, aminnn.
Next sem ada theater, super excited!
family is super fine, the bros still annoying macam beruk,
such pain in the ass, but sweet as a cupcake, i love my stupid brothers, enough said.
I wrote poems for two zens dah, haha, sikit pun tak power, but alhamdulillah selected.
nak rant panjang panjang, nak sangat but then,
for the thousandth time, in the middle of the sentence mesti I lost for words.
ni penulisan gaya apa gais? ye betul! gaya code-switching dan tibe tibe.

until next time.
take care.

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